Elon is my pride and joy

Being a parent, you truly become all the cliche quotes, expressions and things that you have only ever heard another parent have used before. So today the expression below kept running into my head as I picture Elon happily in daycare and the anticipation of seeing his face when he picks me up (with his dad) from yoga in the afternoon: 

Children are parents' pride and joy.

This is the purest thing I have ever said about somebody. And Elon has not done much in his life and yet he is already my pride. I remember when I was younger, I kept thinking that I have to study hard so then I can get a job and I can help my parents out. I thought that parents make babies so one day they have someone to help them out in life. Also, I study to get good grades so my parents can be proud of me. I never clarified if these things were true as the purpose of babies for my parents. But now that I am on the other side of things, I realized that none of these hold true. The only truth is that Elon is already my pride even with only 6 clear-ish words to his vocabulary. The joy part is the part that I don't even need to explain. Just think of the character Joy from Inside Out and that's basically it. 

Babies = some lack of sleep, constant tiredness, a little bit of temporary arm paralysis, constant joy

JOY is when I see him smile pointing at the bird, the squirrel and the water

JOY is when he sees a truck, a bus and he points at them amazed, eyes wide open and curious

JOY is when he says mama when he is upset and needs attention 

JOY is the excited hug and upsies at the end of the day when he sees you again like you have been gone for a year

And PRIDE is Elon, my boy. My darling my love. 

One thought on “Elon is my pride and joy

  1. Made me tear up ๐Ÿ™‚ How time flies, I sill remember the 5 year old you who took my Lion King lunch box when we were still in nursery.. now you’re a proud mom of a beautiful baby boy ๐Ÿ™‚ Life has been really good.

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