Sick Leave

I have used up my 8.5/9 sick days of the year halfway of 2017. Elon is in the process of building his immune system. Thus the every other week fever or something, constant runny nose (glad this was finally over a month ago), regular visits to my BFF Dr Morson, and my manager’s what again face when I tell her that Elon is sick yet again. When people see me at work they just ask how Elon is and if he is better. They certainly heard the news. HAHAHA! But what I discovered when we were both off on Thursday, as daycare won’t accept a child that has 38 Degree temp and up, was how awesome daycare is in creating a structure for a toddler’s schedule.

At 12 noon, like their routine at daycare, when I told him it is “sleeping time” he just went straight to the edge of the bed and laid down flat on his stomach. He pointed at the blanket and reached for my hands and placed them on his back gesturing to rub it. I was rubbing his back and left him after a couple of minutes or so and he puts himself to sleep after babbling some non sense. It is literally witnessing a miracle. DAYCARE IS AWESOME!

On a totally unrelated note, this is Elon and his acting skills put into good use. I just told him not to cross the gate and he acts like I hurt him with a belt and all. I love you, Elon!


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