Elon and the birds

You are probably thinking, "but where's the birds?"

Exactly my point.

We went to Bird Kingdom thinking that because Elon loves birds so much (it's one of his real first words), he would definitely enjoy being in an aviary. Aviary, as Edward defines it, is a zoo for birds. Right? To put it in simple terms, that is.

Upon checking into the Bird Kingdom, Elon immediately clung unto me and did not want to walk for the rest of our "exploration" of this zoo for birds. We did not bring the stroller as he enjoys walking (most of the time or so we thought).

What got him excited is the *drum roll please* water!!! – the freaking water from the falls, the water from the pretend pond, basically, all that is water makes him giddy like his usual Elon self. He saw the water from the pond and he suddenly wanted to walk, climb and touch the "tutur".

Thanks a LOT, son! I honestly thought and expected you were going to enjoy the birds and not the water.

PS- Bird Kingdom is actually a good family activity. I paid $30 for Edward and myself. Elon goes in for free. It will take about less than two hours to see all that they have to offer and take photos. They do not allow personal photos for the animal interaction and bird feeding. Those ones you have to pay extra if you want the copy of your photos which they take for you.

Well as long as Elon enjoyed – be it the water or birds – is fine by us. He is our gold.

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