As you get older

As you get older, they say that your circle becomes smaller. I guess that is true. There were your closer friends who are now are not as close. There are some that still keeps in touch but barely hanging on. There are some who’s present when they need something from you. There are new relationships but you kind of think that maybe it’s only for a phase and they’re not going to last. It kind of reminds you that you were born alone, you die alone. The only circle that MAYBE would not go away is your family but even that is not for sure.

As you get older, you tend to compartmentalize your thoughts, your actions and even your emotions. Not everything is meant to be shared because you have to be responsible for other people and for yourself. It’s respect and self control.

As you get older, you learn to value your health cause you finally understand that what you once thought to be invincible is not – that’s you. You are not invincible. You have to take care of yourself. Get enough sleep. Rest. Hydrate. Eat healthy. Exercise. Exercise is so good and enjoyable once you know what kind you like. I like yoga. The body is like a car. You might have been the newest model before but there’s always wear and tear. If you don’t maintain it, it’s not going to serve you well.

As you get older, you sort of know better what kind of life you want to lead. I want a simple, honest, and happy life with a family that enjoys at least one meal together in a day.

As you get older, you know what holds true and important for you. And you know people’s opinions? They don’t shake you. You know who you are what you believe in. Nobody can make you do something that you do not want to do. Drinking is not for me. Although I wanted to enjoy it. I may or may not be allergic to alcohol (is there a test to prove this) but it is not something I enjoy. I would never try smoking and tattoos.

As you get older, you accept being boring and actually enjoy it. You accept that it is not always an adventure out there. You pace yourself and you take time to appreciate, really appreciate the moments. They will never be the same. Once it passed, it’s gone forever.

As I get older, I want to thank you, yes you, because you are still reading this so that means we’re still probably connected in some way.

Hang tight!


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