Come, come into my home

Come, come into my life

Stay, stay in my heart

Having a kid not only means the expansion of your home, your pocket, and your waistline, but the most important expansion of all is your heart.

My heart expanded ten times than expected because of Elon. I do get tired taking care of him but I do not get tired thinking about him. What is he doing? Is he having fun? What activities should we do together? Will he like the books I bought for him? What does he want to eat later? What else does he need? Is he warm enough? Is he wearing his gloves?

I pick up Elon from daycare and he gets all excited like I went to space and didn’t see him for like 10 years. He is like a dog wagging his tail as soon as he sees me. The only difference is that this one actually talks to say “mama”. He longs for me like I long for him and my heart expands even more. Children are the best example of reciprocity. They give you what you give them. They show you what you show them. And they tell you what you tell them.

My heart is in continuous expansion because of this boy. My heart is huge and happy.

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