A Quiet Place

I was very eager to watch the movie A Quiet Place since I’ve seen the trailer. I love watching Horror movies although it scares me to death. The entertainment value is worth the energy of stress I get from it. But man if you ask me how the movie was, the first thing I would tell you is that it was so SAD!


First 10 minutes, my heart cried. I cannot move on when the kid died. I felt like I was robbed of the time to move on when they did not even give me the time to mourn the death. It was so quick. I was sudden. And they were not able to do anything about it. It happened right in front of their faces!!! Naturally, I kept thinking about Elon, how the kid sort of looked like Elon(or maybe it’s just my imagination), how small Elon is, how I miss him while I selfishly watch this movie on a Friday night instead of spending time with him, and all throughout I was like how can the family just move on like that after a year? But eventually, when the mourning time finally came, I cried my eyes out with no shame. Akala ko naman horror yung quiet place, hindi ako nainform drama pala!

Guys, I have not recommended movies in a while but if you have time to spare watch this one- sooooo soooo good!!❀

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