Mother’s Day

I remember becoming a mother for the first time like it was yesterday. 

I was raised with dealing with situations as they come. I was never really prepared for anything. Sure when I started school, my mom would buy me the uniform, school shoes, school supplies, etc. But there was hardly ever a talk about what to expect ie that you can get bullied, come home with a scraped knee, low morale, and broken dreams (you know with knowledge comes limitations). You go along and you discover things by yourself – your crush would not like you back, some people that you want to be friends with do not want you in their circle and suff like that.

Naturally, when I learned that I would become a mother, I have no whatsoever preparation except the essential things like crib, baby clothes, some formula, and lots of diapers. I prepared myself for the worst – lots and lots of pain. What I did not prepare was the lots and lots of joys in return. My life has never had so much joy before Elon. Better than getting in UP. Better than passing my driver’s license. The joy my child brings is insurmountable. He can’t do much and he drives me crazy and sometimes I want to “ship him off to the zoo” but he is my joy in this lifetime.

I look at Elon and my heart is automatically filled with gratefulness. He makes me realize all the things I have without making me want anything else.

We never prayed for this child but God already knew we needed him. He is our Elon, our joy, our boy.

Elon, I am the at my proudest as your mother.

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