My Dad.

Today during mass, the homily was about planting the seed of faith. Today is also Father’s Day. Today I would like to honour my father. How these three things connect, you will find out later.

Growing up, my dad was not the one to show or say that he loves us. You would never hear it from him. I hated it. To be fair, my mom never really said it too. Or maybe she only stopped saying it when we got to a certain age. My dad also never attended any of my graduations or any ceremonies related to school. I hated that too. I never understood his introvert nature or just how he is in general. Until I get to a certain age that I did get how he is.

Then I realize that he does not say words, he does them. My dad is a man of action. My dad is the kind of father who would drive your homework to school when you forget it at home. He is the kind of father who would take care of dogs (even when he does not like them) just so my sister and I get to play with them. He is the kind of father who remembers what kind of food you actually eat, notes it down in his brain, cooks it so when you get home you actually get to enjoy it. He is the kind of father that does not seem to be proud of you and seemingly is unsatisfied by what you do but actually boasts all your accomplishments whenever he gets a chance.

Usually, we describe dads as strong, brave and the best but I want to describe my dad simply as the most thoughtful person I know. He is intentional. And if there is one thing I am thankful for him the most, that would be his faith. Without fail, he sets an example for our family to go to church. Whether he had a crazy work week, a late night party he attended, with snowstorm, with us or without us, driving or commuting, he would go and hear mass every Sunday. Each and every Sunday.

Thank you dad for planting the seed of faith in us, your children. I fail and struggle sometimes, but you know as the priest said, if you have planted it, trust that it is there. Not seeing it does not mean it does not exist. I have this faith in the Lord because of you. And I know this is great for Elon too.

I thank the Lord everyday for all that you are and for welcoming Elon and Edward like they are yours. I love you and Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!

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