#Oversharing: Potty Training with Elon

Hello everybody!


Writing just to share with you how awesome Elon is during his potty training. I could not get over it I had to share! Apparently, Elon’s daycare (which I am very thankful for) potty trains their toddlers, given that they are ready. Elon’s time to shine has come and he was to start his training after the Civic Holiday in August.


Mama Ruth: Hija, bring a lot of underwear for Elon after the long weekend

Ericka: What’s going on?

Mama Ruth: Elon is ready. We are going to potty train him.


There were so many things in my head that I wanted to tell Mama Ruth like, “are you  sure he is ready” “he doesn’t even understand pee pee” he confuses pee pee and his thing. I don’t know Mama Ruth if this is a good idea is what I wanted to tell her so bad but good thing I did not! But being the anxious person that I am, I had to ask my questions..

Ericka: Mama Ruth, what if Elon poops?

Mama Ruth: We change him and we send the soiled underwear + clothes in a plastic bag for you to take home.

My mind was silenced and I didn’t think too much of this and thought that  I will cross the bridge when I get there.


Monday of the long weekend came and we were home. I bought the groceries in the morning, bought Elon under wears (3 pack), washed all extra clothes that he might need for the week of his training, and everything was fine.. until it was not. My genius mind decided why not prime Elon for his upcoming potty training. I decided to put him in briefs. Five minutes into it, he peed himself. He was all wet and grossed out. He was fine. I wasn’t. I said let’s try it again. Two minutes into it, he pooped in the stupid dinosaur briefs from Walmart. I WAS SO STRESSED OUT. I was mad at Elon, mad at myself, mad at Edward, mad at the idea of potty training. You wouldn’t want to be near me. I was yelling at Elon and I became his stressor. I gave up that day and put him in diapers. I decided he was not ready and maybe I should air my issues out at Mama Ruth the next day on his first day of potty training.


It was the day of the reckoning for Elon, I thought. Poor boy does not know what was to come. I brought Elon in diapers and found a different person other than Mama Ruth to drop him off with. I told the other teacher that Elon is in his diapers and I was instructed by Mama Ruth that today they would train him. I was slightly annoyed that she doesn’t know what I was talking about and that she even said that parents need to be consistent at home too. I told her I know that and that is my plan moving forward. I left it at that and as I stepped out of Elon’s daycare, I have been praying to the Lord, “Lord, please I don’t care how many times he wet his clothes and underwear, just no poop in a plastic bag please please please”. I was worried at work but really had to move on cause I cannot do anything anyway.

Fast forward to pick up time, I even went to the grocery  store to buy Elon something in case, by some miracle, he did a good job. Not that I am expecting it. All I wanted was no poop in a plastic bag. And I got it!! No poop and they even said it was going well although the amount of wet clothes was not any indication of that. It was a start.



Mama: Elon, tell Mama Ruth when you need to go pee, or Veronica, or Saeeda.. or..

Elon:  NO! NO NOOOOOOOO!!!! NO pee pee OKAYYY???

That was that and I though it would be the poop plastic bag day. He really was not learning..or so I thought. By the end of the day. He still had two accidents but he was going directly to the bathroom. He was not asking them or telling them he would go but he would go and do it by himself. HALLELUJAH!!! Again, I avoided the poop plastic bag day.


I didn’t expect much but then they said the accident was only ONCE. And this was when they were out playing. As he does not know yet to say that he needs to go, or maybe too shy because of my prodding, the teachers did not know he wanted to pee when he was holding his thing and and pushing the playground fence.



NO ACCIDENT! Edward even picked him up and he was brought back to me with clothes from the morning. IT WAS THE BEST!


I purposely did not plan any trips for this weekend because I wanted Elon to be home to help him with his training although by now he would tell me when he needs to go or would go by himself when the door is open for him (as he cannot open doors yet, also our doors are heavy). The next challenge we have is when going out long periods of time. On Saturday at Church, although I put diapers on him, he still told me when he wanted to go so I took him and eventually took the diaper out.

But today, as of writing, when we went to Ikea, he had an accident just before we were going to leave. I put him on diapers and he was happily peeing into the thing until we got home where he is now again in briefs and we continue the potty dance.

Honestly this is bittersweet for me cause my baby is losing his baby-ness. He is learning how to be more independent of me. Like tomorrow I know he will be moving out and then the next day, he will only visit me every other weekend, but who is thinking that far ahead?? Just me, the crazy too attached mother of Elon who loves him a WHOLE LOT. Okay until next time oversharing time.


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