Happy trivial everydays

Happy birthday, my love.

I have been writing down notes weeks ago for this blog post but nothing ever worked out except for this one I just wrote during the eve of your birthday. I am an ESFJ so below is purely my feelings. Here it goes.

I admit it, I have put you aside ever since Elon came and I apologize for that. If our life were a show, we have now entered the comedy family sitcom phase where there are far less “awwwwws”, tender, cute and kilig moments between the main couple of the show. It is a different kind of genre from when it was just us and we’re trying to cement our bond together with marriage. Now we have no choice (I know you would say we always have a choice but whatevs) cause we have Elon as cement. It is more about getting the lessons out of the wrong and right decisions. It is more about making sense of the world and planning ahead for the future. Most of all, it is about facing trivial issues of everyday:

Is Elon awake yet

What is for breakfast

Have you washed the fruits yet

What to dress him with

What to dress us with

Do you get a salad today or should you pack rice

Was Elon’s sippy cup washed

Where are my keys

Where is my ring

What is for dinner

Who is going to shower Elon

Can Elon watch

What about iPad time

What time are you sleeping

Who is going to wash the dishes

Can we go grocery shopping

Have you thrown the garbage yet

After I’ve finally list these all down it seems all so strange that this is where life has taken us. But then, weirdly, I am okay with it because I get to do it everyday with you. There is nothing grand, it is ever so simple but they are happy trivial everydays (at least to me). I have you as family once a stranger. We are connected in more ways possible.

Now that you are 30 (which you keep on saying is the new 20), find that you will have my support for things you are sure and unsure of. Trust that it will always be you (with a reminder to split half the time with Elon). Expect that you would not hear the end for some things I feel passionate about (do not flush the toilet paper in toilet bowl). Love the times we get to spend time as a unit, freely, healthily, without restrictions, and together. These things do not always come together. Listen to our communicating child (he would only be this little this one time, you blink and he would not even think you were ever cool). Show us that trying will help us grow. Never tire reminding us how much you love us, expressing it ever so consistently.

My heart is yours to keep if you want to.

I guess that’s it. I hope you felt something there. Happy birthday, Edward, you’re my favourite name of all.

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