I want to stay with you forever

It was Easter long weekend so Elon and Mama have been inseparable. We spent time together doing egg hunts, painting eggs, stuffing our faces with chocolates, you name it, we’ve done it.. together. I’ve always told him that I miss him each morning when he would just wake up. I tell him that while he slept, it was a chance for me to miss him. On Friday, all through the day, he kept on making sure that we are not going to send him off to daycare. He says “Mama, no daycare today?” “Mama, I want to stay with you, no daycare” “Mama, I want to miss you, no daycare, okay?” He meant that we can spend time missing each other together so he doesn’t want to be sent off to daycare.

Saturday was fun. We spent most of the morning and afternoon together so when Sunday came, I had to tell him that it’ll be daycare time soon. Before his naptime on Sunday, he said, “Mama, I want to stay with you forever”. My mom heard this too and we were just surprised and heartbroken at the same time. Cause really there is no forever. I kept on explaining that there is no way we can spend forever together (although I wanted to), because I need to go to work and earn money. He said “Mama you have money” to which I said “Ya, I have money because I work that’s why I need to keep on working so I have money for you”. He cute pouted but insisted “ya you have money so you don’t have to go to work and I don’t have to go to daycare”.


If only baby, if only I had some bottomless cash, I would stay with you forever.

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