This is 6th!

Happy anniversary, babe! (2013 photo for inspiration)

I can’t believe we’re on the 6th year now (it feels so much longer hahaha). I also can’t believe we almost forgot about this day. You know, although my only gift for you is a small tub of vaseline, always remember that it’s the little things that’s keeping this relationship. Even when I complain a lot and sounds ungrateful, know that only 50% of them are from the heart, the other half are from my hormones. We’ve gone this far so I am sure we can push this more. I plan to spend more solo time with you once all our kids are gone for college (so if we have our second one now, this plan will be happening in 18 years).

I could not imagine myself choosing another human being to have lived this last 6 years of my life with, with 4 years of that being with Elon. If it were another person, I am sure they would have given up by year one or two of our marriage. I am a hard person to live with having a type A personality, but thankfully you’ve adjusted to it by now. My only complain is if you can just wash the dishes right away and stop with the excuse that there’s no space to put them away (you can always make some more!)

Thanks for pushing me to look at the quality over price because in the long run, I would be really saving money. You’ve made me realize so many things but I would not admit it now because I am sure this will be a point against me during arguments. I wish you would buy me more flowers because even if I can’t eat them, I am still a girl who likes pretty things (it also makes me happier esp when it’s wintertime and everywhere is black and gloomy).

And because it’s our anniversary I am choosing to overlook my complaints and focus on the nice things you do for me and Elon. So thank you:

– for taking nice photos of me and Elon (after complaining)

– for watching movies with me (even though you ask questions like I’ve watched the movie already)

– for showering/bathing Elon (recent but it’s been more consistent)

– for trying to be present (Raptors always gets in the way)

– for washing the dishes (in your own time)

– for engaging Elon in meaningful adult conversations (sometimes too much)

– for always saying sorry because I would not

– for not throwing things at me when you’re really mad (the walls can take it)

– for volunteering to pick up Elon one day a week so I can yoga

– for letting me realize my mistakes in my own time (even after you told me hundred times already)

– for going to church with me every Sunday (although you say that this doesn’t really make me a better person because I’m still a bitch after)

There, I made it to more than 10 right? Here I thought I can only list 3. See, you surprise me every time! And this is the reason we’ll have more years ahead – years that will be sometimes hard, mostly good, but always together.