Ding dong

Ding dong says the bell as I cross the street to drop you off in school. It is the first real sign of the day that I am to part with you. Shakespeare said parting is such sweet sorrow but it’s mostly sorrow for me. Maybe because you’re just 4 and very sweet. My boy, I wonder how you get on with school. You still sometimes cry when I drop you off especially if we’re coming off from the long weekend and we had a lot of bonding times together. You say you don’t like school and I hope you just say that to be sweet to me.

Ding dong, another sound of the bell but this one signals something good. It means we are going home. It means another 2 or 3 hours that I can be with you, see you, listen to you, and love you. Majority of it are menial tasks to get on with our day and prepare for the next day ahead.

But there are the in- betweens that I love like when I cook while you play. You asking Google to play some rock and roll music that you head-bang to. Asking Google 10 more minutes before brushing your teeth. I love how you would ask me to do things together that you know I enjoy like puzzles and your activity books. I am amazed by the small stories you have with your dinosaurs, your wild and sea animals. And even when you don’t understand the game you sit down with us to watch Team Raptors. And my favourite is when I read to you at night and you intently listen like you have to grasp all the words before they’re gone. But the best of all are your random I love you’s and Mama kiss and hug me. There is not enough time in the day for me to feel all these.

Tomorrow, the ding dong will sound again. Although those couple of hours without you makes my heart feel sad, I look forward to knowing that there is another ding dong at the end of the day that will signal us being together again.

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