Happy birthday, Edward!

I have written so many drafts but the words are not coming out right but let me try one more time.

This year has been good (or maybe you have been good) that I can’t complain much about you (very unlikely). I would say you are perfect but only God is perfect so I would say the closest thing to it. You have surpassed my expectations as a partner in life. As a father, maybe you are on your way there like 77%? (HAHAHA you are not getting everything here). We have literally come a long way together from the Philippines (which is around 7000 miles away) to Canada. 

I have said this many times but I cannot simply imagine going through everything if it were not with you. I knew you were a good investment the moment you sent that one liner of a text to say “hi”. I would ask how you got my number but let me be honest with myself here that my friend already asked me if she can give it to you. I was actually waiting for the text. What flirt and mystery that text was clouded by? But here we are 14 years later with no more flirtations and zero mystery in a different country we didn’t really expect we would be living in with a 4-year-old son and another one the way. If I have told you then that you would not be practicing Architecture 14 years later, I wonder what your younger self would say. Probably along the lines of, “we will die anyway what does it matter”. To figure you out then was such a challenge, and to figure you out now sometimes still frustrates me BUT I, at least know some of the more overt things about you – like your go-to Tim Hortons order or your ice cream flavour (it’s a trick question, he tries not to eat some).

When I randomly asked you what are the things you like about me, you were puzzled and didn’t know what to say. Can’t blame you for that, it’s hard even for me, I got to dig deep. But when you asked that same question back to me, it was easy cause there were many things about you that people do not necessarily see and know that I like and appreciate even when I don’t say it. 

I like that when you decide on things, it’s 100% commitment from you. No half assing, you give it your all. It’s like you throwing away our compost despite the bin being outside of our building no matter the weather. Or you washing the dishes because you claim I half-ass washing them (maybe I do this on purpose so you would do it). 

I like that you support me and you are not afraid to provide constructive criticism even when you know that some hell in me will break loose because I take every criticism to heart and I cry with it and sleep at night. You push for greater things even when the process is painful. I half like that you do it with Elon but may I remind you that he is just 4 years old (but I get your point about developing grit). You have to let him win sometimes. 

I like that you can adapt so quickly and you always surprise me of the things you are able to do and accomplish. Can I say that there are times when I doubt you but when you proved me wrong the first time, I let you be. It honestly made my life better because I don’t have to stress about things and I let you lead it with all your superb organizational skills (with matching excel file and tables). I want to say here, and don’t make me repeat this again, that I am so proud of you. You have come a longer way than I did (I mean I get half the credit right). 

I like that you want me to have my own thing, and you have learned to let me be (you now even tolerate Kdramas which you previously asked me what was the point of watching it). Just don’t ask me anything about the story when I watch it please? I want to savour each and every moment of the drama. That’s why it’s called a drama.

Caution for you, enjoy this while you can because even when you reference this later on when we have arguments, I would not admit to it.

Happy birthday, my love! I know there’s so much more in store for us together. I love you like a kdrama love story with a happy ending. HEHE

PS I am aligned with our goals for the next 5 years.

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