Back to school

Today, it finally occurred to me that tomorrow Elon is really going back to school. He would be gone most of the day only to be picked up in the afternoon. I do not know how to feel? Should I be happy? Happy that there is one less kid I have to tend to at home? Happy that finally Elon will have some time with friends his age and he can socialize again? Or should I be sad because summer time is really over and we are all entering a new season with more uncertainties (hello 4th wave)? Should I be sad because my baby boy is quickly growing up and soon he won’t need me? Can he need me forever? Can I be a safe place for him forever? Will he tell me his secrets or will he keep some of them to himself leaving me in the dark?

During bedtime, we were talking about steps should there be a bully in school. We even wrote a script together and role played in case it happens. I want to protect him from all the bad things of this world. But can I? I remember reading somewhere (for sure social media), it says that we should not be scared for our kids because the Lord has placed them exactly where they needed to be. Sure the world is a scary place but we have to trust that our kids were called today, in this exact moment, even when the world seems to be the most messed up it had ever been.

I trust the Lord and I pray that he can equip me to be the parent that Elon needs me to be. I am not a perfect parent and I have so many faults but I pray that I can teach my child to be kind, and to love others like how Jesus would love them. Lord, bless and protect Elon has he enters first grade. It does not seem so much of a big deal but this is exactly one of the first steps when a child steps further away from a parent. But I know the Lord is always with him and He will always hold Elon’s hand when I can’t.

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go;
    even when he is old he will not depart from it.

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