Dream Job

Inspired by the Daily Post. I honestly do not know what I want to do for the rest of my life aka job. When I was in High School, it was clear what I wanted to become, a Pharmacist. I actually got admitted to a university to study it. But I chose to study the […]

Mind blown

Things that gave me sleepless nights in the year 2011:   Hunger Games   It was only in the first quarter of this year that I found out about this awesome trilogy. And it took me about 8 weeks, 2311231 tumblr posts,  5 new books and 7 other shows to get over the novel. I was […]

Perspective: who got served?

Earlier today in my Interactive Art and Entertainment Class, which by far my favourite class this year, we had this activity of creating our own version of a part in Raymond Queneau’s original story — Exercises de style.  I wanted to share this because our topic was about perspective. On how a story changes when […]

pencil #2

I could not believe that exactly six years yes six years, say it again, six years, I took the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test). The UPCAT is the earliest Admission Test among the Universities in the Philippines. The test once passed would allow you to enter University of the Philippines, one of the […]

Money is the root of all evil and most of the good

I have been attending my politics class lecture and may I say that missing it last semester was definitely a boo for me. Oh well. But now that lessons learned I am motivated more than ever to attend this class. One of our discussions the last time was how consumerism is the answer. After the […]

Students struggle to juggle York and work (inspired by a newspaper article)

Sorry for the profanities but I am way too pressured to care. This is not a happy post. It is exactly 1:39 pm in my clock right now and I had to go to work at 3. I had to do four papers all due on Friday and I have not started any. I finish […]

Gender is fluid and so am I

Let me get one thing clear first I am writing this not to imply anything. It is just because I had this weird dream last night plus I had always enjoyed the gender and sexuality courses I had back in my program. About the dream, it was about Teddy Montgomery. And while I am not […]