Dream Job

Inspired by the Daily Post. I honestly do not know what I want to do for the rest of my life aka job. When I was in High School, it was clear what I wanted to become, a Pharmacist. I actually got admitted to a university to study it. But I chose to study the […]

Mind blown

Things that gave me sleepless nights in the year 2011:   Hunger Games   It was only in the first quarter of this year that I found out about this awesome trilogy. And it took me about 8 weeks, 2311231 tumblr posts,  5 new books and 7 other shows to get over the novel. I was […]

Perspective: who got served?

Earlier today in my Interactive Art and Entertainment Class, which by far my favourite class this year, we had this activity of creating our own version of a part in Raymond Queneau’s original story — Exercises de style.  I wanted to share this because our topic was about perspective. On how a story changes when […]

Money is the root of all evil and most of the good

I have been attending my politics class lecture and may I say that missing it last semester was definitely a boo for me. Oh well. But now that lessons learned I am motivated more than ever to attend this class. One of our discussions the last time was how consumerism is the answer. After the […]

Students struggle to juggle York and work (inspired by a newspaper article)

Sorry for the profanities but I am way too pressured to care. This is not a happy post. It is exactly 1:39 pm in my clock right now and I had to go to work at 3. I had to do four papers all due on Friday and I have not started any. I finish […]