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I love watching movies since they are, most of the time, make believe. Watching seems to offer an alternate reality during the times that I might need one.  I have Kill Bill as my favorite movie of all time. I have loved badass female characters cause when I watch them, it makes me feel empowered […]

About Time

Inspired by the Daily Post. The other night, I was watching About Time where the main character can travel back and forth time. I thought about a thing that I wanted to change in my life like if I was able to travel like him. If it was still 2011, I probably would have said […]

Thoughts on “The Words”

We all have to make choices. The hard part is living with them. And just like that I felt my mommy’s telling me: ‘fix your papers anak, kung hindi saying citizenship’. So I had to make a choice. The hard part is I get to live the consequences of it after. And what are those, […]

The Impossible

I had to highlight one particular scene from the film The Impossible. Brief background, it was the story of a family based in Japan who had their vacation in Thailand where unfortunately a Tsunami hit separating the family of 5. I was live tweeting while watching the film at home because I got so affected. […]

Celeste and Jesse Forever

FOREVER? But but but but nothing lasts forever… and so the song says. I was absolutely right. The film was a classic story about moving on. And here are the stages though inconsequentially placed.  Let me use my summarizing prowess or lack thereof. Let’s try it Pictionary/ Tumblr style. The story, however, ended on a […]

Mind blown

Things that gave me sleepless nights in the year 2011:   Hunger Games   It was only in the first quarter of this year that I found out about this awesome trilogy. And it took me about 8 weeks, 2311231 tumblr posts,  5 new books and 7 other shows to get over the novel. I was […]

Harry Potter and my own version

Harry Potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend. Stephen King Honestly I am not a hardcore Harry Potter fan though I read all the books I never re-read them. I have seen […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Me

Summer officially started for us yesterday with little showers and drizzles. It also welcomed us with a lot of superhero films that were easy for the eyes – well most of them.   I have been exposed lately and upon watching I can’t help but to wish that I had super powers myself. In the […]

EAT PRAY AND LOVE (mini version)

Beastly was a movie with a predictable end. It was a predictable movie in general but apart from Alex Pettyfer’s hotness (photo below will explain everything) I love the movie because it talks about an issue that a lot of us cares about: looks. But would that even matter after ten or twenty years after […]