LaBoracay 2013 SG Style

And since it is 38 Degrees Celsius in Metro Manila, it is imperative to hit the beach. And what can be the most mainstream of all beaches? BORACAY!!! And who to beach with? THE SG!!! I call this awesome group the Spice Girls cause they are all fab like that. Official hashtag of the trip: […]

Up North to Subic

It was a Saturday again so we had to leave cos we had the car and we had the driver. The gas was not a problem. Toll was on us. Where to go? Since we devoured the South last week, it was the time for the North. Gosh, feels like I am talking about Game […]

The Amazing Race

Yesterday my favorite team from this season’s amazing race did not make it to the next round. It deeply saddens me. My favorite team: Kevin Jumba and dad. Why I like them? Because of the obvious, they are ASIANS. REPRESENT!!! I love old people and in this season, Kevin’s dad was one of the old […]