Inspired by the Daily Post. I am not sure if people don’t know these things already but let me list down the things I would prefer people to know about me so they can better understand my weirdness. But let me warn you, these are not necessarily interesting or helpful at all. But sharing is caring, […]

Rally 2012

I have been staying for four months now in the Philippines. Aside from spending all my money taking a cab instead of public transportation, I have found a job!!! YAYYYY ME!!! I started back in August after the tragic Habagat hit the country. From then on, I have been seen in different locations where I […]

Cheese to Cheese

As all of you know, I had been having a secret affair behind my parents back! No, I am kidding. I am actually a mistress. OK, fine. I have been having this long distance relationship with some boy named Edward. Yep, this is it. This is the PR release of my boy. Hold on to […]

wala daw ganyan sa states

TABO at BALDE Bilang asa first world country na kami (ayun e) shower ang means ng paliligo (pag kasi sa Pinas pang mga sossy yun madami pambayad sa water bill). Isang dahilan kaya siguro shower sa first world countries ay para di masyadong malamigan. Para mabilis ang ligo, maginaw kasi e. Pero di ko maiwasan […]

Di ako hopeless romantic. Di din ako bitter (parang lang).

Okay, siguro nagka-phase ako na naniwala din ako sa romance-romance na yan. Pero, NO, isa lang yang malaking ilusyon na pinapalabas sa TV para  lokohin ang mga manonood. Isang lang itong stratehiya ng mga advertisers para mag appeal sa mga ‘love fanatics’ at kumita sila ng limpak limpak na mga salapi. Tapos ano ending? Feeling […]

Simbang Gabi

The Simbang Gabi is a series of masses held before Christmas. It is actually a type of a novena mass. Back in the Philippines this means waking up early, grabbing a cardigan or a sweat shirt or something thicker than the usual and attending the mass at 4 in the morning. Well it varies depending […]

Rules of Separation

Yesterday as I watched the latest episode of Desperate housewives, I was inspired to make a post about the rules of separation. Lynette and Tom my favorite couple in Wysteria Lane was going through a separation. BUT I HAVE BEEN USED TO SEEING THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH. They were supposed to be together forever! But […]

God has bigger plans

Today marks the second year anniversary of my stay here in CANADA. And so what? I just wanted to share with you. Am I not allowed to? 😛   I had always believed that: God has bigger plans for me than I have for myself. (Yes, I got this from A Walk To Remember) Maybe […]

Perspective: who got served?

Earlier today in my Interactive Art and Entertainment Class, which by far my favourite class this year, we had this activity of creating our own version of a part in Raymond Queneau’s original story — Exercises de style.  I wanted to share this because our topic was about perspective. On how a story changes when […]