Happy trivial everydays

Happy birthday, my love. I have been writing down notes weeks ago for this blog post but nothing ever worked out except for this one I just wrote during the eve of your birthday. I am an ESFJ so below is purely my feelings. Here it goes. I admit it, I have put you aside […]

As you get older

As you get older, they say that your circle becomes smaller. I guess that is true. There were your closer friends who are now are not as close. There are some that still keeps in touch but barely hanging on. There are some who’s present when they need something from you. There are new relationships […]

It’s always a good time

Inspired by the Daily Post. If I were given the chance to do all the fun things I want with a big budget backing me up, I would like to do the following: Hot Air Balloon in Loire Valley, France This is inspired  by the disney movie, UP. In the Philippines, every February there is […]

Sleeve free

Inspired by the Daily Post. I like to wear sleeveless tops. If it weren’t for the cold weather here, I would’ve worn a plain sleeveless top to work, to school and to everywhere. Growing up, I have lived in the tropics to even understand the importance of long sleeves top and scarves. I want my […]

No Smoking!

I hate people who smoke. Inspired by the Daily Post. I do not drink and I do not smoke. When I party I drink Iced Tea. I do not believe fun, honesty or courage comes from a component or a liquid which makes people lose themselves. Fun, honesty and courage will come from me. Otherwise, […]

28 or never

Inspired by the Daily Post. I had always given myself deadlines for certain things. I had always like making timelines. It makes me feel secure that I have an organize way of dealing with my days. When I was about to leave for Canada in 2009, Edward and I planned our June to October activities. […]

Inevitable Oblivion

Inspired by the Daily Post and The Fault In Our Stars. “You know why people fear death? Because they will be forgotten.” (Do Min Joon, You Who Came From the Stars) Similar to what Gus from the Fault in Our Stars said, it is oblivion that we fear. We are bound to be forgotten. When we die, […]

Dream Job

Inspired by the Daily Post. I honestly do not know what I want to do for the rest of my life aka job. When I was in High School, it was clear what I wanted to become, a Pharmacist. I actually got admitted to a university to study it. But I chose to study the […]

It’s Saturday, I’m Still In Love

Inspired by Edward and the Daily Post. I had many crushes from when I was young until probably now. I remember having a crush from when I was in Day Care. I know, I started young. I do not really remember my Day Care Crush but I do remember having to peek into the windows […]

Golden Rule

Inspired by the Daily Post. I believe in Karma. It’s not because of the religion closely related to it but more importantly, it’s because I believe that whatever you put into this world has a way of reaching you back.. eventually. Confucius had a golden rule which has the same concept as Karma: “do unto […]