I am coming back to Toronto

Dear brothers and sisters in faith, I am giving Canada a second shot. I may still hated its weather, cursed the cheapness of its food (that makes me fat), and its overall geographical distance from my love but I am coming back to it. I know it is sudden and some of my friends say […]

The Fault in Our Stars and Before I Die (No Comparing!)

I was very wrong to say that ‘hey this book and that book are just the same’. I was dumb to say it. I am sorry. So I really wanted to compare and contrast Before I Die (BID) VS The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS) with the two main characters battling the C- word but never […]

Breaking Traditions

My family and I are used to traditions. Traditions exist, anyway, so we have something to get used to. Every Holy Week, my sister, my mom and some of our cousins join the Annual Holy Week Procession in Pulilan, Bulacan. The procession is a parade of huge floats depicting and representing different images in the […]