so, what’s up yo?

So I was a bit sad today though I would not want to elaborate more why I felt that way. I thought maybe I should write something positive to counter my bad vibes. I revisited my iPhone where most of my files were stored and kept. What have I been doing lately in Canada? Well […]

Let’s sing Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday

What is Christmas? When I was in grade school, specifically in Grade 3, I was asked to speak for my class about this question. I am not a good public speaker, honestly, until now. I feel like that that’s one of the blessings God filtered out not to give me. To deliver a presentation, I […]

trick or treat

Yesterday, October 28, I went for my first costume party here in Canada. I dressed up as a pirate while my friends dressed up as matching sailors. Outside was 5 Degrees Celsius but we were all showing some bare skin because that was part of the sexy costume. Everyone else did.     We reached […]