I am a DJ of mixes

This is an attempt to respond to Nasha’s cool mix of songs. So my girls and I were on a roadtrip and  we were teasing about our playlists. I played my Crazy Heart Soundtrack and they were not too impressed about it. I devised and tried to DJ-ed in what I have and voila, they […]

My Racing Thoughts

The last day of January was the highlight of my month even better than my birthday. January is my birth month and it can’t get any more awesome than yesterday. I saw Andrew McMahon once again after more than a year. It was August 7, 2010 when I first saw him live when he played […]

this is what I hear pretty

It is not new to anyone that I, Ericka Mercado, love to watch any kind of films, shows, broadway, etc. Low and High Culture, it would not matter as long as it is decent. So when it comes to music, I rarely have any opinion, I am almost afraid that it only means I know […]