When I was a kid, I thought that the word “soulmate” is meant for romantic purposes only. For instance, the person you are to marry in the future. Little did I know that a soulmate is actually someone you feel a deep connection to, naturally. Maybe you hadn’t foreseen it but definitely you never forced […]

let’s get physical

Apparently Monday — a day after my birthday — Jan 17, 2011 was the coldest, most depressing day of the year. The temperature was minus 28. So that explains it. For some reason that day, I was so sad.  It was a feeling that I could not explain. IT MUST BE THE WEATHER! But yeah, […]

autographs are love they make me laugh

And because I am one happy bunny I shall write a happy post as opposed to yesterday’s angst-y one. Just because I felt productive yesterday means I can sort of take some time off work and use this as my leisure time. Before, we knew “testis” (testimonials) from Friendster, messages on multiply and the “wall-ing” […]