Inevitable Oblivion

Inspired by the Daily Post and The Fault In Our Stars. “You know why people fear death? Because they will be forgotten.” (Do Min Joon, You Who Came From the Stars) Similar to what Gus from the Fault in Our Stars said, it is oblivion that we fear. We are bound to be forgotten. When we die, […]

About Time

Inspired by the Daily Post. The other night, I was watching About Time where the main character can travel back and forth time. I thought about a thing that I wanted to change in my life like if I was able to travel like him. If it was still 2011, I probably would have said […]

Celeste and Jesse Forever

FOREVER? But but but but nothing lasts forever… and so the song says. I was absolutely right. The film was a classic story about moving on. And here are the stages though inconsequentially placed.  Let me use my summarizing prowess or lack thereof. Let’s try it Pictionary/ Tumblr style. The story, however, ended on a […]