Branding in America’s Next Top Model

One of my classes when I was an undergrad in the University of the Philippines was about Public Relations. Up to this day I still look back and visit my memory bank for the lessons that I would need to represent myself well out there. Our professor did not teach us solely for the corporate […]

pencil #2

I could not believe that exactly six years yes six years, say it again, six years, I took the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test). The UPCAT is the earliest Admission Test among the Universities in the Philippines. The test once passed would allow you to enter University of the Philippines, one of the […]


Recently, news stated that Eva Longoria filed for a divorce from husband Tony Parker. So what does it imply? MEN ARE ASSES. MEN ARE JERKS. MEN ARE MEAN. Whether you’re an A-lister, middle class, every woman once in their lives has been treated unfairly perhaps cheated on. They just can’t be satisfied, eh? So why do […]

I am no Penelope

When I was on my first year in High School, I had a book report about the Odyssey. Most of you might have read it because it is a classic by Homer. As for me I read the condensed version. I never thought about it so much because at that time, only two things mattered […]

Meeting each other halfway

Last summer the movie going the distance was released together with a lot of better films. This however caught my attention because of the obvious. I thought, well I could relate given their situation. It is indeed about long distance affair but it is nothing compared to the real thing. Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett […]

Cartoon: the building block of movie whoring

When I say that I love movies, it is with a passion, a passion that I don’t know who could ever understand. It is an addiction for me like alcoholics have for alcohol. But before I went to being passionate about movies, my foundation would be what most normal kids would have, CARTOONS!!! When I […]

The Amazing Race

Yesterday my favorite team from this season’s amazing race did not make it to the next round. It deeply saddens me. My favorite team: Kevin Jumba and dad. Why I like them? Because of the obvious, they are ASIANS. REPRESENT!!! I love old people and in this season, Kevin’s dad was one of the old […]

Let’s sing Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday

What is Christmas? When I was in grade school, specifically in Grade 3, I was asked to speak for my class about this question. I am not a good public speaker, honestly, until now. I feel like that that’s one of the blessings God filtered out not to give me. To deliver a presentation, I […]

Good mooooorni… OH WAIT, where am I again?

What do you do when you wake up? Think a few thoughts. Brush your teeth. Pray. Sleep again. Check the time. Turn the alarm off. Stretch. Take a shower. Eat breakfast. Rush to work or school. Look at your partner. Wonder where you are. People do different things and they are expected to. People have […]

I don’t preach what I don’t practice

The world is a scary place and it is even more terrifying when you have to face it alone (via Desperate Housewives). Earlier this morning I thought to myself, I will make an entry about whatever’s going to be the homily gospel for today. To be honest, my relationship with God has been fluctuating ever […]