wala daw ganyan sa states

TABO at BALDE Bilang asa first world country na kami (ayun e) shower ang means ng paliligo (pag kasi sa Pinas pang mga sossy yun madami pambayad sa water bill). Isang dahilan kaya siguro shower sa first world countries ay para di masyadong malamigan. Para mabilis ang ligo, maginaw kasi e. Pero di ko maiwasan […]

free screening for the boyfriend

So here is a story I wanted to share with you today. I’ll try to make it not about me. As a Filipino we are known to be champions. Internationally we have proven that and one man never fails to make us proud, Manny Pacquiao. On Saturday (Nov12) night here in Canada and Sunday (Nov13) […]

God has bigger plans

Today marks the second year anniversary of my stay here in CANADA. And so what? I just wanted to share with you. Am I not allowed to? 😛   I had always believed that: God has bigger plans for me than I have for myself. (Yes, I got this from A Walk To Remember) Maybe […]

no place like home

IKEA Home is where the heart is.  And this saying is accompanied by a nice and beautiful house. It would be nice if I could marry someone who can build me a house that we can share forever. BUT ANYWAAAAYYYY, this post is brought about my recent visit to IKEA. IKEA is a Swedish furniture […]