Nomad Is What I Am

Inspired by the Daily Post. I always think of becoming a nomad as an alternate life. If I were not to marry someone until I am 30, I promised myself to live a nomadic life. I would be in different countries like in the movie Eat, Pray and Love. Then I would discover and learn […]

LaBoracay 2013 SG Style

And since it is 38 Degrees Celsius in Metro Manila, it is imperative to hit the beach. And what can be the most mainstream of all beaches? BORACAY!!! And who to beach with? THE SG!!! I call this awesome group the Spice Girls cause they are all fab like that. Official hashtag of the trip: […]

Cheese to Cheese

As all of you know, I had been having a secret affair behind my parents back! No, I am kidding. I am actually a mistress. OK, fine. I have been having this long distance relationship with some boy named Edward. Yep, this is it. This is the PR release of my boy. Hold on to […]

Branding in America’s Next Top Model

One of my classes when I was an undergrad in the University of the Philippines was about Public Relations. Up to this day I still look back and visit my memory bank for the lessons that I would need to represent myself well out there. Our professor did not teach us solely for the corporate […]

wala daw ganyan sa states

TABO at BALDE Bilang asa first world country na kami (ayun e) shower ang means ng paliligo (pag kasi sa Pinas pang mga sossy yun madami pambayad sa water bill). Isang dahilan kaya siguro shower sa first world countries ay para di masyadong malamigan. Para mabilis ang ligo, maginaw kasi e. Pero di ko maiwasan […]

Simbang Gabi

The Simbang Gabi is a series of masses held before Christmas. It is actually a type of a novena mass. Back in the Philippines this means waking up early, grabbing a cardigan or a sweat shirt or something thicker than the usual and attending the mass at 4 in the morning. Well it varies depending […]


Recently, news stated that Eva Longoria filed for a divorce from husband Tony Parker. So what does it imply? MEN ARE ASSES. MEN ARE JERKS. MEN ARE MEAN. Whether you’re an A-lister, middle class, every woman once in their lives has been treated unfairly perhaps cheated on. They just can’t be satisfied, eh? So why do […]

I am no Penelope

When I was on my first year in High School, I had a book report about the Odyssey. Most of you might have read it because it is a classic by Homer. As for me I read the condensed version. I never thought about it so much because at that time, only two things mattered […]

Meeting each other halfway

Last summer the movie going the distance was released together with a lot of better films. This however caught my attention because of the obvious. I thought, well I could relate given their situation. It is indeed about long distance affair but it is nothing compared to the real thing. Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett […]

Cartoon: the building block of movie whoring

When I say that I love movies, it is with a passion, a passion that I don’t know who could ever understand. It is an addiction for me like alcoholics have for alcohol. But before I went to being passionate about movies, my foundation would be what most normal kids would have, CARTOONS!!! When I […]